Population Registry of Poznan 1870-1931

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Due to temporary shutdown of Szukajwarchiwach service, scan viewing may not work outside Poland


We present an alphabetical index of names collected in the Poznań Population Registry from 1870-1931, which is a part of the Poznan City File. The file is composed of 1091 archival units, which are boxes containing from several hundreds to about one thousand registration cards. The growing demand from historians, researchers and genealogists on the one hand, and technical capabilities on the other, has made it possible to develop and make available the data collected in the Registry online.

First of all, the collection of registration cards was scanned and made available on the www.szukajwarchiwach.gov.pl website. The next step was to create an index of names as well as to develop a search engine that would allow you to search for particular registration cards conveniently. Currently, in the new version of the website, 1091 indexed archival units are already available in our database, which contains complete Registry. This range covers a bit more than 1 million registration cards with approximately 1.25 million of individuals. Read more about the project. or review the information on what registration cards content (including translations of the fields).

The project was funded from the Kultura+ (Culture+) Programme